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AeroG Lab

AeroG Lab

AeroG Lab. Co.,Ltd.

AeroG Lab was founded in October 2012 by Shinichi Tani, who assembled and piloted a radio-controlled helicopter. After many crashes, and considering the products on the market were very expensive, he decided to build the first drone in Japan : AeroG Lab.

AeroG Lab is one of the few UAV manufacturers in Japan. Our specialty is multi-rotor drones and our flagship product is the hybrid drone. This is a high-performance drone that can fly for more than 2 hours. The production version of the “AeroRangeQuad” is a quadcopter with a 140-minute flight time, a one-piece CFRP body and an engine generator.
The AeroRangeQuad can solve a variety of problems that only drones can solve. It will free people around the world from arduous and dangerous tasks.
AeroG Lab is also committed to ensuring that our customers can continue using their drones safely.

We are specialized in customization, in addition to manufacturing airframes. We can respond quickly and reliably to your needs because we use CNC machines and 3d printers in our lab.