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Allen wrench, Hand tool socket, High-precision screwdriver, Screwdriver

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Eight Tool

Eight Tool

Eight Tool CO., LTD.

EIGHT is the only specialized manufacturer of hexagon wrenches/Allen keys in Japan and one of the only two specialized manufacturers in the world.
Since our company was founded, we have been supplying our high-quality products to our customers’ highest satisfaction.
Our top priority is to satisfy a wide variety of customers’ needs worldwide by responding to their demands.
Our expertise: the perfect balance of hardness and viscosity.
What determines the quality of hexagon wrenches/Allen keys is torsional strength.
To achieve producing infrangible hexagon wrenches/Allen keys, we need a material with the best balance of hardness and viscosity.
After many years of research & development, we adopted a special alloy called SNCM+V. Hexagon wrenches/Allen keys made from this special are only available from us. We produce 1.2 million products per month.
Another important element is heat treatment processing to make the best quality of hexagon wrenches.
The calculated strength and viscosity can only be obtained with our special heat treatment processing.
We are acknowledged worldwide for this special processing and other advanced technologies.