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DC coreless motor, Small motor, Micro motor, Compact motor, Brushed motor, Brushless motor

3-8-22 Shinden, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 123-8511 Japan
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Orbray Co., Ltd.

Orbray develops and manufactures core components and products to address a wide range of needs across highly specialized industries. We specialize in precision jewel parts, DC coreless motors, fiber optic components, medical devices, and other precision components, with a focus on precision cutting, grinding, and polishing of these materials.
Renowned for our bespoke products tailored to our customers’ requirements, we take pride in our artisanal craftsmanship, which cannot be replicated solely through automation or machines. We are currently present in various niche markets, including telecommunications, semiconductors, robotics, precision equipment, and biomedical science.
In addition to Japan, we have sales offices in the United States, Germany, and Singapore, along with a sizable manufacturing facility in Thailand. We leverage our global network to connect Japanese craftsmanship with the rest of the world.

DC Coreless Motor Introduction
Orbray has consistently contributed to the precision processing industry as a pioneer of small motors in Japan since developing the world’s smallest φ10 mm DC coreless motor of its time in 1973.

The φ10 mm motor, which was unprecedented at the time, was the result of research into rare-earth magnet manufacturing methods and precious metal brushes, along with the introduction of a coreless winding patent from Germany.

After that, we continued to pursue technological innovations, and developed the φ1.5mm geared motor in 2004 (which was awarded the Prime Minister’s Prize in 2006) and the current world’s smallest φ0.6mm brushless motor in 2014. These products bring together the precision processing techniques that we have been cultivating through jewel processing since our founding.
In addition to our responsive and quiet coreless and brushless motors, gearheads, encoders, and control boards, we also offer motion units that combine various mechanisms to meet the diverse needs of our customers. Orbray’s product lineup of small motors (under φ30mm) and peripheral devices helps fulfill demands for smaller, thinner devices, high power output, and energy efficiency.
As society has become increasingly complex in recent years, the challenges and needs of customers have also become more diverse. Orbray offers solutions not only for small motors but also for integrated units, optical devices, and other components.