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Clinical vital signs monitor, Heart rate vital signs monitor, Sensor module, Vital signs monitor

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Sakura Tech

Sakura Tech

Sakura Tech Corporation

Since its establishment in October 2008, Sakura Tech has been developing imaging sensors and high-performance microwave/millimeter-wave components using ultra-wideband technology.

In particular, we have developed a compact, high-performance radar platform (miRadar®8) that uses Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) technology and have commercialized it as an obstacle monitoring radar.

Using the same radar platform, we have developed an algorithm that can measure the vital signs (heartbeat and respiration) of multiple people simultaneously.
We were the first in the world to sell evaluation kits, which have been well received by many manufacturers.

Radio wave sensors are becoming indispensable in a variety of fields including autonomous driving, the IoT, security, and elderly care and monitoring. Sakura Tech will continue to provide user-friendly, high-performance sensors that use radio waves in order to contribute to our society’s future.