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Inspection system, LED floodlight, Oven, Waterproof floodlight

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Shikoku Instrumentation

Shikoku Instrumentation

Shikoku Instrumentation Co., Ltd.

Shikoku Instrumentation Co.,Ltd. a member of the Shikoku Electric Power Group, was founded in 1951 and began by repairing and adjusting electric meters.
Since then, we have been expanding our business using electronics technology, primarily in the areas of measurement and control.
We currently provide our customers with extensive advanced measurement technology, high quality system products, and products applying mechatronics technology. As a result, we are well-regarded by our clients.

Today, with the development of AI and IoT technologies, we are faced with increasing demand for the latest and quickest creative solutions for our customers.
As a company, we are required to ensure compliance, act in harmony with the global environment, and fulfill other social responsibilities. Therefore, we will continue to strive to improve the technological abilities that we have developed over the years in order to create new products and services that exceed customer expectations. These principles are based on our corporate philosophy: “for customer satisfaction and inspiration, employee happiness and satisfaction, peace of mind and the development of the local community and society”.